How I Take My Instagram Photos

Hello lovelies! How have you all been? I decided to write a post on all the details about how I take my Instagram photos. It isn't actually that hard to do and I take all of my Instagram photos myself unless I am with someone who can do it for me. Majority are by myself. If… Continue reading How I Take My Instagram Photos


I Need Advice

Hello everyone! So this is a random post yet again haha I am hopeless I'm sorry, but I genuinely need advice from the blogging community. I have started to be really interested in fashion and my Instagram features a lot of fashion. The other day someone thought I was a fashion blogger and that really… Continue reading I Need Advice

Autumn/Fall Outfits · Fashion


Hello lovelies!! Guess who's back from holidays!? Meee hahaha. I just posted a new video which shows you how I style my thigh high or over-the-knee boots 🙂 I love these boots even though they are really long on me! They feel amazing though. I purchased these from Pretty Little Thing and it was 50%… Continue reading THIGH HIGH BOOTS – LOOKBOOK